But what about the animal?

Animal Welfare, is not only about ensuring an animal is not treated cruelly or caused unnecessary pain or suffering.

It is about ensuring that an animal’s physical state, its mental state and its ability to fulfil its natural needs and desire are considered and attended to. Human concern for animal welfare is based on the awareness that animals are sentient and that consideration should be given to their wellbeing, especially when they are used for food, in animal testing, as pets, or in other ways. These concerns can include how animals are killed for food, how they are used for scientific research, how they are kept as pets, and how human activities affect the survival of endangered species.

There are a multitude of organisations in existence that regulate and place necessary restrictions in place for the Beef industry to ensure that the welfare of the animal is not compromised in any way. Of particular interest is the hotly debated and controversial topic : Live exports.

The controversy behind Live Exports and the treatment of our cattle offshore has been in the forefront of National News in Australia for a number of years. There are passionate arguments both for and against the industry and it is an issue that has seen a nation of farmers divided.

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Here are a list of links with resources relating to animal welfare in the beef industry. 




Red meat… is it for you?

With the controversial and sometimes unsubstantiated claims that red meat is not entirely good for you,  many people have chosen to cut red meat out of their diets entirely. While it is true that some cuts of beef are high in saturated fat, beef also has a lot of nutritional value. Before you are tempted to eliminate beef from your diet, read on to discover all the nutritional benefits you may be missing out on.

Beef is an excellent source of protein. Protein is an essential component of any diet. The body needs it to build muscle, maintain organs and regenerate skin, hair and nails. The protein in beef is a high quality, complete protein, meaning it contains all the amino acids necessary to be readily utilized by the body. A 3 to 3 ½ ounce serving of beef supplies one third of the daily requirement of protein for men and one half of a woman’s daily requirement.

Penny for your thoughts

What exactly was the thoughts behind our masterpiece I hear you asking…..????

 “The design of our cow is based on the “paddock to plate” system. It shows the different stages Australian beef go through to reach the consumers, as well as the transportation methods used. Our design also shows some of the main trading industries, that support the Australian Beef Industry, i.e. restaurants and supermarkets. The sustainability side of our cow shows different ways we can make a cattle farm sustainable. How creeks can be preserved by fencing them off to prevent erosion of stock, how tree belts can be used by  cows to hide their calves  from predators and how a nature corridor can be used to support the native wildlife.”

We chose to utilise this opportunity to experiment with various artistic ventures as well. Miss Hoffman has been very instrumental throughout the process. 



Planning stages!

Sustainability from the eyes of Mareeba High Students

Sustainability….. What do you mean??

Sustainability is based on a simple principle: Everything that we need for our survival and well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations. Sustainability is important to making sure that we have and will continue to have, the water, materials, and resources to protect human health and our environment.

The cattle and sheep industry recognises that, like all industries, it has an environmental impact and it works hard to develop ways to minimise this effect. Australian beef and sheep farmers make their living on the land and have done so for generations. It is in their best interest to ensure their practices are environmentally sustainable not just for their livelihood, but also for their families, the community and for generations to come.

Hows your paint mixing skills!


If nothing else – we have definitely mastered the art of mixing a red blue and yellow – to create every shade of brown!

Top effort today by our Agriculture team – along with the guidance of Miss Hoffman – (the one to credit for the artistic eye in our piece).

It’s been a turbulent road and we have all learned a lot of lessons, about team work, collaboration and negotiation – it is looking like we will have a wonderful cow to present on Friday.

Big thank you to those who helped out with a paint brush today –


and of course Miss Hoffman.


IMG_0112 IMG_0093  IMG_0096 IMG_0102 IMG_0100 IMG_0099 IMG_0107 IMG_0109 IMG_0114 IMG_0116 IMG_0111

Hey Good Lookin!


Starting to come together – Thank you to the Ag and Art combined team for my glamorous new ink!

IMG_0088 IMG_0085


Georgia Rowling (Agriculture student) and art teacher Miss Hoffman collaborating to create our journey from paddock to plate, using a multitude of artistic techniques to create our unique masterpiece!







Archie B here.
Reporting for my first day of school at Mareeba High! I am a bit nervous – as are most on their first day of high school!!!





Making friends already…




Celebrity status claimed!



Managed to score a free ride to class.



Lunch with the girls.

Its been a huge day – so quite a short blog from me today – I’ve settled in nicely to my new home – the Art block.

Looking forward to getting into the planning for my glamorous, (yet sustainable) makeover.. CAN’T WAIT!

Signing off for now….


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